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Outdoor Deaths


The books below are warnings to all who wish to be enlightened on wilderness skills and reality. Come all clumsy, clueless and naive. Outdoorsman, weekend campers or highway stranded motorists. Learn from true stories on disappearances.

City folks beware, hundreds of people go missing, vanish or die every year in the wild lands of this country. Most disappear inside popular National Parks and numerous State Parks.

If you are indeed interested to discover how easy it is for people to get lost, fall of a cliff, get injured or attacked, be kidnapped or die in the mountains – then these books may be of use. On foot, by truck or by car, the stories are long and ever detailed, often ending with more questions than answers.

Books on National Park Deaths and other outdoor fatalities

Tales for Cautious Campers

4×4 Guide Tahoe NF

Sawmill Lake

Sawmill Lake, Tahoe NF – N of Donner Pass I-80

4Wheeler’s Guide to Trails of the Tahoe National Forest, CA; Lake Tahoe to the North Yuba River; Northern Sierra Nevada mountains, N Gold Country California

4Wheeler’s Guide to the Rubicon Trail


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