camping tents, bivvies, hammocks

Camping inside a bean shaped fabric structure on a windy mountain ridge. These new tent designs are proven for wind resistance, plus rain, snow. Great for backpacking or outdoor couples.

dome tents

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tent camping

bivy sack

Nothing like going solo. When the wilderness calls, you answer. Why weigh yourself down with too much gear & distractions? Enjoy your solitude & don’t get wet when it rains. Bivy sacks are for those ultralight backpackers & rock-climbers who want the lightest weight sleeping option.

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sleeping hammocks

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see rope hammocks
hammock forest

teepee tents

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truck tents

Sleeping shelters that fit in the back of a pickup truck.

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Canvas Wall Tents

wall tents

The phrase Canvas Tent, Wall Tent or Tent Cabin are all used for this style canvas walled tent, and usually equipped w/ aluminum poles as the main support. Designed like ‘old fashioned’ tents or perhaps military tents. Pre-dome designs were square, like home. Seen some nice pads with wood burning stoves inside.

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