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hikerEveryone loves a picnic, especially if the weather is perfect and the day is long. Leave early and stay late!

From local parks to county parks, freeway rest stops to mountain meadows, Californians love to get outdoors and enjoy themselves.  Planning a day hike, usually involves bringing food along. And we’re not talking fast food either.

Bring your own food and snacks saves cash (NOT eating out on every meal). Eating ‘en route’ while traveling often means picnicking. Pulling off the main road or highway, parking far from traffic will help keep noises at a minimum.

Tailgating is another popular phrase for drinking & eating near the back of your vehicle. Hatch-backing just doesn’t sound right.

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Picnicking near Tuolumne River, Yosemite NP


items to pack

food, snacks, beverages: fruit, cheese, bread, salami, spreads, sandwiches, crackers, chips, pickles. Water, wine, beer, sangria, iced tea, lemonade

bottles – glass is often prohibited on beaches and in certain parks; know before you go!

cutlery & utensils (knife, forks, spoons); cork screw w/ bottle opener

blanket (or tarp) to sit on the ground; picnic tables are not always available

cloth napkins, or a roll of paper towels; paper napkins easily blow away. wet wipes are also great to have.

grill or bar-b-que (if you plan to cook outdoors); check local fire conditions

ambience: candle, incense, music, dim lights, tiki torches; flames? if campfires are banned, so are these items

shade: umbrella, screen tent, easy-up, or just a tarp w/ rope

clothing: hats, sweaters, jackets, hiking boots, swim suit, beach towel

nice to have: sunglasses, folding chair, pillow, extra blanket, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, radio, water purifier, board games, deck of cards



High Sierra is only accessible a few months out of the year. Lake Faucherie, California

Lake Davis, California

Lake Davis, Northern California

P&J Middle Feather

P&J @ Middle fork of Feather River, California