Camping Chairs

Rest & Relaxation

The ‘wear-ever’ backpack chair is favorite among outdoor seekers in California. Versatile, sturdy and comfortable. Pack the back pouch full of gear (beach towel, extra clothes, books, camp items) and wear it to the beach, to the park, to the free outdoor concert or the walk-in camp site.

Wear Ever Chairs

Backpackers Chairs

As native people, we sat on the ground, or on a rock, or fallen tree. Now as civilized society we have been conditioned for upright positions in chairs. Our backs crave the support; Laptop computing or eating dinner requires it.


The styles of camping chairs vary by year, as Americans become bigger in size, new larger chairs are being designed. Most chairs will hold up to a 200 pound person, but above that – best to shop for ‘strength’ instead of comfort or style. Seek out heavy duty chairs for the best choices.


Never leave camp chairs near the unattended campfire (or hot coals, after hours). when retiring for the night, pull all furnishings back at least 10 feet from the fire pit, in case winds pick up

Camping Lounge Chairs

Camp Hammock


Sleep “off the ground”, in a hammock – or perhaps a Camp Cot

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