Camp Lights

Lights for Camping, Hiking & Cooking Outdoors

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Stumbling around in the dark in an unfamiliar surrounding, trying to unpack  or find a flashlight, headlamp or lantern is not the way you want to start a camping trip. Remember to pack your lights in a secure and easy-to-remember place.

Securing a portable light, lantern or headlamp means storing it in a soft pouch, a ziplock bag, or a zippered pocket –  so it will not accidentally get switched “ON” and it will not get wet, damaged, nor lost. It helps keep things organized when camping and pre-select a good spot to store it (the same spot every time) — in side pocket in your day pack, in your jacket pocket or inside your glove box in the vehicle.

Rechargeable Lanterns

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Battery powered lights and headlamps can get easily damaged if you pack them away and ignore them for months or years. Batteries tend to expire and leak acid, causing the corrosion to ruin the inner workings of your lantern or light. Heat or moisture can speed up that process. This can also happen with portable radios.

Remember to REMOVE batteries – if you are not going to be using the item for any length of time.

Rechargeable batteries may have a longer lifespan (than the traditional throw-away batteries), so you may want to refer to the product manual for best care.

Petzl Head Lamps

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LED Head Lamps


Powerful Spotlights

Lamps that hang inside your tent are a super convenient items – that have been spawned from LED technology. Decorate a camp site with solar powered string lights; or totally light up the interior of a camper van. All kinds of sizes and styles on lamps, lumens for brightness (like watts) and a variety of power sources.

Tent Lights

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Portable Cook Light / BBQ Lights