Map Gear

Below are some MAP TOOLS to help navigate in the backwoods, out in the field or anywhere for that matter.




GPS Units

Mapping Software

Map Pouch

Hard copy topo maps have some important advantages over digital maps. Whether these are printed maps, paper maps or plastic maps, they all are something real you can hold on to.

One: maps are readable anytime, without electricity or cell phone coverage. With any type of light source you can determine where you are located and how to proceed. Two: maps are durable, readily accessible and tangible, easy to access and use. Three: Plastic maps are waterproof, tear-resistant and heavy duty quality for maximum wear. Only certain markers will write on plastic maps easily. Old fashioned paper maps can be written on by almost an pen, marker or pencil. Paper maps can also be used for kindling to start a camp fire (although typically we don’t recommend this).

Brands of Topo Maps: