Outdoor Gear

Outdoor Gear

If by any chance you have stumbled upon this page of my shop, then this is the perfect opportunity to show some love and support my site. If you buy a new map, outdoor gear or anything from Amazon, Total Escape earns a small commission. Thanks to everyone who uses my dot com site and this here map shop.

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Outdoor Gear for California Camping

This gear page is a total redo of my older page located here – totalescape.com/gear/

Since the creation of this web site (25 years ago) many new camping related gadgets, equipment and inventions have come out – for car campers, backpackers and tent campers. In particular, solar charging devices, small portable generators, hand crank radios, biomass camp stoves and every kind of LED light you could ever want.

Overland, and Over Budget

New fangled gizmos, tackle and outdoor gear, every season – so much so, that I have trouble keeping up with it all. Since most good quality outdoor accessories can last years, if not decades, then buying new stuff is not something that I do every year. I can tell you what has survived and lasted me decades (camping about a dozen of times per year) –

  • my zero degree Slumberjack sleeping bag
  • my original Petzl headlamp
  • my Scorpion backpackers stove
  • my cast iron Dutch Oven
  • my Smartwool socks
  • my Duofold thermal underwear
  • my Camelback Mule hydration pack
  • my Trek mountain bike
  • my fold out Army Surplus shovel
  • my Paha Que Black Mountain all season tent
  • my plastic storage totes, to store everything in

Once you buy good gear, and find out how well it works and how long it lasts, then shopping for new equipment becomes a rarity. If you follow my links to Amazon, and find something you just “have to have”, please make sure you buy items with at least a 4 star rating, and always read over the customer reviews.

Off Roading Gear

Graded dirt roads lead out to trailheads, secluded lakes, hidden campsites.

Outdoor Gear
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Outdoor Gear for California

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