Camping Saw

Hand saw for camping is an excellent tool if you plan to collect firewood near camp. Since many forests agencies are now saying DO NOT MOVE FIREWOOD from one location to another (for fear of introducing new bugs and diseases), it makes sense to harvest the firewood close to where you plan to burn it.

Campers do not need a wood cutting permit, but you will need a fire permit!

Camping Saws come in various styles: Hand Saws are convenient & inexpensive; Cordless, Battery Power Chainsaws need recharging; Pocket Chain Saws are lightweight & easy to pack.

Total Escape’s favorite camp saw is the sturdy FAT MAX hand saw, by Stanley

fatmax saws

Fat Max saws for free firewood.

camp map

Small Chainsaw

Cordless chain saw; These battery powered chainsaws are great for camping. Shorter blades and less bulky than regular chainsaws, they are now reasonably priced. And you don’t have to haul that stinky gas can around either!

Pocket Chain Saw

This ideal, hand-powered chain saw is perfectly compact and easy to hike with. Great for camping or backpacking trips. Add ropes to lengthen, for removing tree limbs at home.

free firewood