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Biodegradable Camp Soaps for Outdoor Use

Doctor Bronner’s was one of the original “natural soaps” on the market; began selling in 1948. The family-run business continues today and is based in Escondido, CA. (read more)

Many more manufacturers have entered the eco-friendly soap scene since the health conscience Californians are always looking for better products.

Dr Bronners Soaps

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Bandanas 100% cotton

The ultimate rag – inexpensive, reusable, the tried and true cotton bandana is a top camping accessory.

It is the most versatile item you can pack. It can be used as a mask, a napkin, a towel, or dishrag. A hair tie, hat, head band, sweat band; a rope tie, a tourniquet, a diaper or a snot rag. Tied up to create a pouch to store food or small items.

Cool down and relax during your hike. Splash your face in the river; dunk your head, rinse and ring out the rag, dry it out in the sunshine (in minutes) and fold it up, to use it later. For under $2 each, this is the essential camping cloth.