Camp Comforts

Comfortable Camping –  what a concept!

Air Beds

Camp Shower

Bathing while camping is a luxury, but it can also be a challenge. If you are not really up for the cold creek or standing under the waterfall, and you plan to be out for more than 2 days, you may wanna invest in a decent camp shower system. If you cannot handle this type of primitive style camping, then best to book a reservation at a private campground with showers – or get yourself a motorhome.

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Camp Toilet

When mother nature calls, be prepared. Check out our infamous Camp Potty page!

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Lounge Chairs for Camp

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Mosquito Repellents

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Tent Heaters

These propane tent heaters are very popular, but safety should be of utmost concern when using one. Cross ventilation is a must. Folks have died from using these portable heaters, mainly due to inadequate air flow inside the tent: Asphyxiation. Best to use this item in moderation; not the duration of the whole night, while asleep.

Although a small green canister of propane last approximately 6-8 hours, extra caution should be given if you do plan to use it for a long period. Warming up the tent for bedtime is great, but once you are inside your cozy sleeping bag, you should be warm enough. Turn the heater off before you go to sleep – make sure the flame is gone and the valve is completely closed.


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