The Total Escape Shop

hiking maps
a new map shop is being built
(yep right now)

Today, please use the search tool (left menu, folder) to find your maps on this new site, or use the alphabetical list over here –


Thrifty Road Trips

Back in 1999, when few knew what ecommerce was, DanaMite began selling hiking maps online with BigStep. Amazon Associates affiliate program was new to the scene, but Amazon only sold books (and no maps).

Recreating the map store in a new storefront every few years; new platform, different code, databases, all new graphics and the resizing of many map images. Needless to say, after 20+ years, I am sick of it all.

These days, retail sales of map products are better left to Amazon. They have new maps, used maps, old maps, and even out-of-print maps! Now concentrating on getting the maps, images and links all organized under this new area called The Total Escape Shop. Later this year, adding outdoor gear.