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Antelope Valley Poppies, off Hwy 138, W of Lancaster

Nothing beats a real map, a hard copy, which is why we still selll them.

This season DanaMite is (finally) adding digital maps (for downloading) to the map shop.

Our newest affiliate is Avenza Maps, where regional map links now populate product pages. Look for logo below to find digital map links, throughout the site.

No need for cell phone towers w/ reception, you’ll already have your handy map inside your device. Finding electricity to charge up may be a bigger concern, than getting lost.Affiliate Button

Zion, Jawbone, Joshua Tree, Anza Borrego Desert & Baja Mexico

Will be adding maps into the summer, so expect most map pages to change. More photos, more info, more links, more digital map links.

Many downloadable maps are free on Avenza, like BLM topos from 1972, USFS quads 7.5 minute topos, downtowns, mining maps. Expect some of those freebies to be old, difficult to read and possibly outdated. Small town Chambers’, visitors centers and the NPS often publish free map brochures for tourism, overview maps, parks, recreation or historic districts.

Avenza Maps has a huge variety of digital maps – trusted favorites like National Geographic to Tom Harrison; All the wilderness topos for California and beyond. Best hunting and fishing maps, horseback areas, plus a new assortment of off-road and mountain bike trail maps.

California Trail Users Coalition: Digital OHV Maps

Grand Canyon National Park
celebrates 100 years (1919-2019)

Off Road Maps PDF on Total Escape


Trails Illustrated, National Geographic


Topographic Trail Maps for California

Where to find wildflowers in California…. and when

Inyo back roads

Inyo back roads, 4×4 routes and hiking trailheads

Total Escape is now featuring all brands of printed maps and digital maps for California, plus outdoor gear and camping tools to get you out there… this weekend.

Keep the Total Escape web sites alive by purchasing maps and gear with our links. We have done extensive research over the past 2 decades narrowing down the crappy gear – from the real rugged outdoor equipment. If you want camping gear to last years or decades and be reliable, best not to buy the cheapest stuff.

Total Escape sells not just USDA National Forests maps and Wilderness Topos, but Tom Harrison Topo Maps, National Geographic Maps,
Wilderness Press Maps, Franko Maps, Benchmark Atlases and many more unknown maps. Affiliate ButtonDigital Map Downloads are now available from Avenza!


Apps are back! apps

These days, retail sales of map products are better left to Amazon. They have new maps, used maps, old maps, and even out-of-print maps! DanaMite has added a new addition to the original map shop: outdoor gear


Gold Country California