Camp Tables

Camping Table, Small Travel Table, Roll Up Tables

tablestovesEventually, one of the things you’re gonna miss most when outdoors, is a table. A flat, level, sturdy, clean surface – for food preparation, at the very least.

Tailgate picnics are for the quick lunch break, but dinner time is different. Campfire cooking and outdoor living usually require some sort of table.

If not, it’s gonna be a tarp on the ground…


Mojave Desert Camping, New York Mts.

Roll Up Camping Tables


Travel Table & Camping Tables



Roger’s Cow Camp, on Oro Quincy Highway – Plumas National Forest

Compact Outdoor Tables

free camping?

Camping outside of developed campgrounds is often called primitive camping. NO CAMP FEES, usually means no facilities and no amenities. No pavement, no electricity, no camp host. No tables or fire rings are provided on the back roads w/ dispersed camping. Self sufficient campers must pack well – shovel, saw, water bucket, and a table.


Developed Campgrounds provide picnic tables: $$$