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Inflatable air mattress for camping, overnight stays, truck camping and sleeping comfort.

Like royalty relaxing in the wild, you too can wake near a lush meadow, with sunshine dancing on the frost, deer grazing nearby, birds chirping overhead, and hot coffee? Awaken refreshed and well rested. No need to sleep on the hard ground anymore, modern conveniences means air beds!

NOTE: air pump (inflator) and tarps are sold separately [see below]

Vinyl inflatable, air beds are – by their own nature – fragile, prone to punctures and somewhat undependable. Leaks can usually be patched, but only if you have the patience to find the pin-hole air leak and find a vinyl patch kit. Punctures and holes are common, so use with caution and care. Expect short life expectancy if used directly on the ground, or with pets and children. To repair leaks, use a soapy squirt bottle to help locate the tiny puncture. Now if we could only get Coleman and Intex to recycle these “vinyl beast” when they become garbage. Imagine that kinda change?

thinner air mats or sleeping pads for backpacking and car camping

If you are elderly and do not like being on the floor, or getting up from the ground, you will most likely not like this type of bedding. Some queen size air bed sets have a small rigid frame which elevates the bed off the ground, but they are bulkier.

Inside a tent, position your air mattress bed on a clean floor. Checking for pine needles, pickers or anything that could puncture the bed before you insert the bed. Also, check your pockets for anything that may be pointy. A wool blanket underneath is always ideal, to keep the cold from the ground from chilling the air inside your bed.

Never place air mattress directly on the ground. Placing a tarp or blanket down first when you use it on raw ground, may prolong the life expectancy. If you have nothing to lay down, then on the hood of your vehicle or on the clean pavement is an option.


Airbeds are ideal for star gazing. Backyard sky watcher, summer camp, or meteor showers at a mountain

Inflators can have plug-ins or car charger, requiring electricity to operate, while others are battery operated. Newer models may be rechargeable!

CAMP ETIQUETTE: Campers that arrive late to a campground are often airing up the mattress at 11pm to midnight, past the typical 10pm quiet time. Not only are other folks already sleeping, they are probably cursing your late arrival – while trying to sleep. Expect mean glares from neighboring campers the next morning. Or perhaps to be rudely woken up by them, at 7am sharp.

Using these vinyl giants inside a swimming pool, river, or creek is not recommended by the manufacturers. It will likely end up destroyed and un-usable. CAUTION: This is not a floatation device. But we know plenty of guys have tried (drunk at the river). Rivers can be deadly, especially if you’re drunk, wet, tired and in a river with a half defalted air mattress. You get the picture.

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