Golden Trout Wilderness Map

Golden Trout
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Golden Trout as seen from Mountain Home SF (2010)

Golden Trout / South Sierra Map
Golden Trout Wilderness USDA
Kern River Gorge
South fork of Kern River
Upper Kern River
Backcountry Sequoia

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Tom Harrison
Golden Trout Trail Map

Tom Harrison Map Kern


Golden Trout Wilderness
and South Sierra Wilderness


Golden Trout Wilderness Map
US Forest Service USGS

Official Trail Map for the U.S. National Forest Service. Map scale 1:63,360. Contour lines at 80 foot intervals show elevation. Detailed road network shown. Encompassing 475 square miles in the Sequoia and Inyo National Forests. Map Scale = 1″ to mile; Usually only found at Ranger Stations. MAY BE DISCONTINUED. Printed on paper in 1995.

Golden Trout Wilderness Trail Map, Sequoia National Forest, South Sierra Backpacking Maps, Forks of the Kern River Map, Jerky Meadow Trailhead, Big Whitney Meadow, Kern Peak, Coyote Peaks, Grey Meadow, Little Kern River, Kern Canyon, Jordan Hot Springs, Casa Vieja Meadow, Monache Meadows. Topo Sequoia Camping Kern River.


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Creek dipping at Camp 4, Sequoia NF

JERKY MEADOW trailhead Forks of the Kern, located at the end of Sequoia forest road #22S82 also has numerous primitive camp sites located near the Kern Gorge. A moderate day hike will lead to waterfalls, swimming holes and granite bowls like these. Steep trails lead further down to the river 1000′ below. Forks of the Kern, Upper Kern River, Kern Hot Springs, Golden Trout Kern, Golden Trout Wilderness Area, South Sierra, Kern River Fishing, Camping, Backpacking Jerky Trailhead. Kennedy Meadows, California.

recent wildfires in this area:

Windy Fire 2021
Castle Fire / SQF Complex 2020forestKern River Map

Southern Sierra Map


Monache Meadows

Southern Sierra Map

Southern Sierra Trail Map
Calico Maps

New PRINTED MAP for the South Sierra Nevada Mountains. The only printed map available that covers this area. A shaded relief topo map, printed on waterproof and tear-resistant paper that shows the trails of the entire Southern Sierra Nevada mountains. An overview map that shows Sequoia National Park, Sequoia National Forest, Inyo National Forest, and the following wilderness areas: Golden Trout, John Muir, South Sierra, Sacatar Trail, Domeland, Chimney Peak, Owens Peak, Kiavah, Bright Star, Inyo Mountains, Coso Range, and El Paso Mountains wilderness areas. Map folds down to pocket-size and is extremely durable. Includes trail mileages and elevation points and is an excellent companion for anyone looking to discover more of this amazing and little used area. Published: 2020, Size: 26.75″ x 19.5″, Double-Sided, Scale 1:158,400)

Southern Sierra Map

Southern Sierra Map

Southern Sierra Wilderness Map
Tom Harrison

South Sierra Topo2011: PRINTED MAP DISCONTINUED from the publisher. No reprint is expected. This one is only available in digital format.

Tom Harrison Trail Map: Southern Sierra Wilderness, part of Sequoia National Forest & Inyo National Forest – Eastern Sierra California. South Fork of Kern River, Kennedy Meadows, Monache Meadow, Jackass Creek, Bakeoven, Troy Meadow, Olancha Peak, Sage Flat, Haiwee Pass, Bitter Creek, Deer Mountain, Ball Mountain, PCT hiking.

This topo map covers the wilderness mountains between Golden Trout Wilderness and Dome Land Wilderness. Durable, waterproof plastic map; Folded. Map Scale: 48K; ISBN# 9780981834405

Southern Sierra Map

avenza mapsdownload digital version of this map –
South Sierra Wilderness Map

Southern Sierra Map

South Fork Kern River

Sequoia National Park, Sequoia National Forest, Inyo National Forest, Golden Trout Wilderness, John Muir, South Sierra Wilderness, Sacatar Trail, Dome Land Wilderness, Chimney Peak, Owens Peak, Kiavah, Bright Star Wilderness, Inyo Mountains, Coso Range, and El Paso Mountains, Californiahorse trail maps

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