Ansel Adams Wilderness Trail Map

Ansel Adams Trail Map
Tom Harrison

Ansel Adams Trail Map

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Ansel Adams Trail MapTom Harrison Trail Map: Ansel Adams Wilderness, Eastern Sierra Topographic maps for hiking and backpacking. Back road exploring and lake fishing too. This map has an amazing amount of alpine lakes & mountain destinations – from the western Sierra to the east side. Tioga Pass, Yosemite Wilderness, June Lake Loop, Mammoth Lakes, Gem Lake, Thousand Island Lake, Minarets, Silver Divide, Lake Edison, Mono Hot Springs, Mammoth Pool Reservoir, Clover Meadows and Granite Creek. Also included is the Mono Basin National Scenic Area, Mono Lake California. Durable, waterproof plastic map; Folded. Printed in 2010. Map Scale: 1:79,200 ISBN# 9780981834429

Ansel Adams Trail Mapdownload digital version of this map
Ansel Adams Wilderness Map

Ansel Adams Trail Map

Fern Lake, hike-in only. Off June Lake Loop Highway 158

The Ansel Adams Wilderness is a wilderness area in the Sierra Nevada of California, United States. The wilderness spans 231,533 acres – much of which is located inside the Inyo and Sierra National Forests, and the remaining acres covers nearly all of Devils Postpile National Monument. Yosemite National Park lies to the north and northwest, while the John Muir Wilderness lies to the south.

Ansel Adams Trail Map

Walker Lake in Bloody Canyon, NW of June Lake Loop

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Sequoia National Forest Map

Sequoia Mapssierra redwoods map

NFS – USDA – U.S. Forest Service

Sequoia National Forest Map

Kern River Canyon, Upper Kern, Lower Kern, Kern Plateau, Western Divide Highway, The Needles, Mountain Home SF, Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon NP

River Raft Launch Spots, All Creeks, Peaks, Elevations, 4WD & every dirt Back Road, Hot Springs, Equestrian Areas, all Campgrounds, Hiking Trails & Backpacking Trailheads.
Sequoia Forest Maps
Areas include: Southern Sierra, Giant Sequoia, Western Divide Highway, Kern Canyon, Hwy. 178, Walker Pass, Kernville, Lake Isabella, Sugarloaf, Domelands, Kern River, Kennedy Mdws, Sherman’s Pass, Monache Mdws, South Sierras, Rincon, Canebrake, Dome Rock, The Needles, Western Divide, Ponderosa, Springville, Tule River, Jennie Lakes Wilderness, Golden Trout Wilderness, surrounding areas to Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Park, Miracle, Democrat, California Hot Springs.

Map Size: 28″x 54″ overall / 4″x9″ folded; Printed on waterproof plastic in 2011. ISBN# 9781593515096

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USDA map

1998 Sequoia Map

Sequoia National Forest Maps
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Giant Sequoia Map

2001 Sequoia Map

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Sequoia National Forest

Giant Sequoia Pair

Giant Sequoia Pair

Sequoia Forest Topo Atlas

Sequoia Topographic Atlas

Sequoia Topo Map AtlasSequoia Forest Topo Atlas Map is book for the outdoor explorer. Featuring the Kern River Canyon, Lake Isabella, Western Divide Highway, Giant Sequoia, including the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Most importantly the popular Giant Sequoia Groves on the Western Divide, plus Big Meadow Road and the gorgeous gem of Hume Lake

Sequoia National Forest

Southern Sierra Nevada Map, Sequoia Hiking Trails, Kern River to the Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park boundaries. Includes the Giant Sequoia National Monument, Kern and Tulare County.

Sequoia Topo Map
Sequoia Forest Topo Atlas USDA

The SEQUOIA atlas is a spiral bound book – a collection of all the quads. (7.5 minute topographical maps, of all of Sequoia National Forest) This book map has contour lines, mountain peaks, streams, lakes, hiking trails & back roads. This map book is perfect for all kinds of recreational needs. Printed in 2019.

Topographic Atlas for Sequoia GrovesAreas include: Southern Sierra, Kern Canyon, Hwy. 178, Walker Pass, Kernville, Lake Isabella, Sugarloaf, Domelands, Kern River, Kennedy Mdws, Sherman’s Pass, Monache Mdws, South Sierras, Rincon, Canebrake, Dome Rock, The Needles, Western Divide, Giant Sequoia National Monument, Ponderosa, Springville, Tule River, Mountain Home State Forest, Jennie Lakes Wilderness, Golden Trout Wilderness. It also features the surrounding areas to the Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks, plus it has the Kern River Canyon with notable hot springs such as – Miracle, Remington, Democrat, and the historic California Hot Springs.

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Sequoia National Forest QUADS:
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Topo Atlas Giant Sequoia

Giant Sequoia Trees on Western Divide Highway

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Hidden Sequoia Groves can be found on the back roads.

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