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Modoc Books

Blue Lake is a volcanic lake in Modoc, California

Modoc County California Books & Maps

Modoc Books

Jess Valley Ranching

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Modoc National Forest Map
Modoc Forest Topo Atlas
South Warner Wilderness Map


Modoc National Forest Map

modoc forest

NFS – USDA – U.S. Forest Service

Modoc National Forest Map

Modoc Country
Northeast California
Pit River, Warner Mountains

Modoc National Forest Map

Pit River in Jess Valley


Modoc Country Map. Modoc & Lassen County, Alturas, Tulelake, Cedarville, Warner Mountain, South Warner Wilderness

Standard Issue. Ranger Map – NFS issued map. GPS: Longitude & Latitude; Rivers, Creeks, Peaks, Elevations, 4WD & every dirt BackRoad, Hot Springs, Equestrian Areas, all Campgrounds, Hiking Trails & BackPacking Trailheads. Northeast CA state.

Modoc Map


Modoc National Forest MapAreas include: Northeastern California, Modoc County, Lassen County, Alturas, Tulelake, Cedarville, Adin, Lava Bed National Monument, Devil’s Garden Wetlands, Big Valley, Doublehead, Warner Mountain, Goose Lake, South Warner Wilderness, Medicine Lake, Big Sage Reservoir, Clear Lake Reservoir, Lower Klamath Lake, Tule Lake Sump, Door Knob Snowmobile Area, Long Bell State Game Refuge, Oregon border.

Map Size: 39″x45″ overall / 4″x9″ folded; Printed on plastic.

see also – Modoc Topo Atlas

Modoc National Forest Map

Mill Creek Falls & Campground

Looking to escape the crowds in California? Then head north, way north, to the eastern reaches of Modoc. This remote, high-elevation area gets some serious winter weather and snow, so visiting during the warmer months would be ideal for -camping, backpacking, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, hiking, hunting and off roading. Hundreds of miles of dirt roads weave in and out of dense forests, around lakes, over creeks and connect Alturas to Cedarville, CA

Northern California Forest / Modoc Country: Modoc National Forest

Wilderness areas in Modoc: South Warner Wilderness Map

Modoc National Forest Map

Blue Lake of Modoc NF

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Modoc Topo Atlas

Modoc National Forest Atlas

Topographic USDA

Hike Modoc ForestsUSDA Modoc National Forest Topo Atlas Map. The MODOC atlas is a spiral bound book for Northeastern California – a collection of all the quads. (7.5 minute topographical maps, of all of Modoc National Forest) This book map has detailed contour lines, mountain peaks, streams, lakes, hiking trails & back roads. Backpacking, camping, canoeing, fishing, hiking, hunting, kayaking, mountain biking and with the darkest night skies, stargazing. Atlas is perfect for all kinds of recreational needs. Printed in 2019. ISBN# 9781628114041

see also – Modoc National Forest Map
Fishing Maps for California 

Blue Lake Modoc Map

Blue Lake is a volcanic lake in Modoc, California

USDA Modoc National Forest Atlas QUADS:
-from south to north –

  • Lower Klamath Lakefishing map for Modoc
  • Hatfield
  • Newell
  • Carr Butte
  • Sagebrush Butte
  • Steele Swamp
  • Weed Valley
  • Beaver Mountain
  • Pease Flat
  • West of Willow Ranch
  • Willow Ranch
  • Mount Bidwell
  • Lake Anniecanoe lakes in Modoc
  • Mount Dome
  • Captain Jacks Stronghold
  • The Panhandle
  • Copic
  • Double Head Mountain
  • Pinnacle Lake
  • Pothole Valley
  • Hager Basin
  • South Mountain
  • McGinty Reservoir
  • McGinty Point
  • Sugar Hill
  • Fort Bidwellhorseback trails Modoc
  • Larkspur Hills
  • Schonchin Butte
  • Perez
  • Rimrock Lake
  • Lone Pine Butte
  • Boles Meadows West
  • Boles Meadows East
  • Whittlemore Ridge
  • Dead Horse Reservoir
  • Lauer Reservoir
  • Davis Creek
  • Lake Citydirt bike trails off road
  • Medicine Lake
  • West of Kephart
  • Kephart
  • Spaulding Butte
  • Knobcone Butte
  • Ambrose
  • Jacks Butte
  • Big Sage Reservoir
  • Mahogany Ridge
  • Surprise
  • Payne Peak
  • Cedarville
  • Border MountainModoc Camping
  • Hollenbeck
  • Crank Mountain
  • Happy Camp Mountain
  • Washington Mountain
  • Canby
  • Rattlesnake Butte
  • Alturas
  • Dorris Reservoir
  • Shields Creek
  • Warren Peak
  • Whitehorse
  • Egg Lake
  • Donica MountainTruck Camping Lakes
  • Halls Canyon
  • Adin Pass
  • Hermit Butte
  • Graven Ridge
  • Bayley
  • Little Juniper Reservoir
  • Soup Creek
  • Eagle Peak
  • Eagleville
  • Lookout
  • Big Swamp
  • Adin
  • Ambrose Valley
  • Knox Mountain
  • Likely
  • Tile Mountain
  • Jess Valley

    Modoc Trail Map

    Jess Valley Cattle

  • Emerson Peak
  • Snake Lake
  • Bieber
  • Hog Valley
  • Letterbox Hill
  • Lane Reservoir
  • Ash Valley
  • Holbrook Canyon
  • Madeline
  • Cold Springs Mountain
  • Boot Lake
  • Little Hat Mountain
  • Dixie Peak
  • Silva Flat Reservoir
  • Said Valley
  • Whitinger Mountain