Angeles Forest Topo Atlas

Angeles Forest Atlas

Angeles Forest Topo Atlas

Angeles Crest Map / Angeles National Forest

Angeles National Forest

The ANGELES FOREST atlas, is a spiral bound book – a collection of all the quads. (7½ minute topographical maps, of all of Angeles back country) This book map has detailed topo lines, mountain peaks, streams, lakes, hiking trails & back roads. Perfect for all kinds of recreational needs. Published in 2018. ISBN# 9781628114317

Angeles Forest Topo Map / Angeles Forest Camping / Angeles Crest Hiking Trails / Mountain Bike Routes 

Angeles Forest Atlas

Piru Lake, as seen from Whitaker Peak (4148′ elev)

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Angeles National Forest QUADS:National Forest Maps
from south to north –

  • Cucamonga Peak
  • Mount Baldy
  • Glendora
  • Azusa
  • Mount Wilson
  • Pasadena
  • Telegraph Peak
  • Mount San Antonio
  • Crystal Lake
  • Waterman Mountain
  • Chilao Flat
  • Condor Peak
  • Sunland
  • San Fernando
  • Phelan
  • Mescal Creek
  • Valyermo
  • Juniper Hills
  • Pacifico Mountain
  • Acton
  • Agua Dulce
  • Mint Canyon
  • Newhall
  • Val Verde
  • Piru
  • Sleepy Valley
  • Green Valley
  • Warn Springs Mountain
  • Whitaker Peak
  • Cobblestone Mountain
  • Del Sur
  • Lake Hughes
  • Burnt Peak
  • Liebre Mountain
  • Black Mountain
  • Fairmont Butte
  • Neenach School
  • La Liebre Ranch
  • Lebec
  • Tylerhorse Canyon

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