Monarch Wilderness Map

Monarch Wilderness w/
Jennie Lakes Wilderness Area

Monarch Wilderness Map

Jennie Lakes Map
Monarch Wilderness Map USDA

Jennie Lakes / Monarch Map / Monarch Wilderness

( Part of Sierra NF & Sequoia NF )

Near Kings Canyon and Sequoia NP. Perfect for a day hike reference or extended backpacking adventures. Scale = 2″ to mile; Printed on paper.

USDA Map may no longer be available. Find out at any USFS Sequoia National Forest Ranger Station.

Jennie Lakes

Jennie Lakes Wilderness is about nine square miles within the Sequoia National Forest. The wilderness is classic high Sierra landscape. Wilderness size is 10,500 acres with a mixture of lakes, mountain peaks, forests, meadows and streams, most of which is above 7,000 feet in elevation. The wilderness contains variations of alpine and sub-alpine forest. Lodgepole Pines, Red and White Firs and White Mountain Pine dominate the area, while Jeffrey Pines and a few juniper are also present. In the summer, wildflowers are common. Jennie Lake sits about 9,000 feet above sea level and Weaver Lake is slightly lower. The summit of Mitchell Peak is the highest point in the wilderness at 10,365 feet and features views of the surrounding area and of Kings Canyon National Park.

Monarch Wilderness Map


The Monarch Wilderness offers over 30 miles of trails with sweeping views of Kings Canyon and some classic high Sierra backcountry, as well as descents into the canyon itself. With dramatic elevation changes the vegetation ranges from chaparral and sub-alpine to alpine – covering about every species of tree known in this part of the Sierra, and then transforming into pure granite above the treeline. The remote Monarch Wilderness offers the chance to walk alone among Giant Sequoias and hike up to the isolated and wild Grizzly Lakes area. Above Upper Grizzly Lake you can scramble up the granite and access the spectacular Monarch Divide.

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