Red Rock Canyon Map

Red Rock Canyon Map

Spring Mountains
Red Rock Canyon
Vegas Hiking Map

Spring Mountains National Recreation Area / Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area / Las Vegas District BLM

Red Rock Canyon Map – VEGAS RED ROCK: BLM & USFS paper map includes a few parks and hiking trails near Las Vegas, NV. Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest, BLM lands, Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, plus the very popular attraction, Red Rock Canyon (only minutes outside of the city). Nevada Travel Outdoors. USDA National Forest Map. Printed on paper in 1997.

Red Rock Canyon Map

Red Rock Canyon Map

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best vegas outdoors

One of the cheapest winter vacations around, if you can stay outta the casinos!

Desert day hikes, snow play, waterfalls (Mt Charleston) and petroglyphs (Valley of Fire), plus cheap hotel at night. Make VEGAS an outdoor destination, instead of an indoor, air-conditioned fantasy land.

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Camping near Las Vegas can be windy during any time of year, or brutal triple-digit heat during the summer months.

Red Rock BLM Campground is located in a very windy location and situated near a busy main road. Best bet is to camp further up the mountain (Mount Charleston) – up in the canyons, with the trees, for a better experience. It can be colder in higher elevations, so always bring a jacket (at any time of year).

Valley of Fire State Park actually has a much better Campground than Red Rock. 

Vegas Hiking Map

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Topanga Canyon Map

Topanga Trail Map
Topanga Canyon Map

Topanga Canyon Map

Topanga State Park Map
Tom Harrison

Topanga Canyon MapTopanga Canyon Map, Topanga State Park Map, Topanga Hiking Maps, Backpacking Topanga, Malibu Maps; Will Rogers Park, Tuna Canyon, Biking Trail, Red Rock Canyon Malibu, Temescal Canyon, Temescal Gateway Hike. Durable, waterproof plastic map; Folded. Map Scale: 31.7K; ISBN# 9781877689857

on Santa Monica Mountains NRA

Los Angeles County

Topanga Canyon Road is California State Route 27 (Hwy 27) a paved highway connecting the San Fernando Valley to the Malibu coast. Hiking and mountain biking trails, waterfalls, hidden restaurants and a large residential population in these hills.

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Topanga Canyon
Topanga Hiking Topo Map

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Topanga Canyon Map

nearby towns:

Topanga Canyon Map

Topanga State Park

Covering 11,000 acres, with 36 miles of trails and unimproved roads, the boundaries stretch from Topanga Canyon to Pacific Palisades and Mullholland Drive. There are more than 60 trail entrances. Topanga State Park is the largest park in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Topanga State Park was opened to the public in 1974. Land includes more than 7,500 acres from the original Rancho San Vicente y Santa Monica land grant. Additional acreage has been added in the form of 1,500 acres from the Palisades Highlands and another 1,600 acres added in 2002, near the mouth of the Topanga Creek

The word Topanga is an old Shoshonean language word meaning ‘above’ and referring to the canyon settlement being above the flood waters of Topanga Creek. The Tongva and Chumash peoples inhabited the area for thousands of years

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